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Windows Vista is the successor to the Windows XP operating system. Quite often we are asked when we will be rolling out the next version? If we’re buying new computers, why aren’t we getting the latest OS? Let’s consider the following. Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) ships as part of Vista. There is no version 6. […]

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Information security in higher education is a set of practices and organizational issues surrounding the protection of institutionally defined sensitive information, people who use and possess such information, and the systems and containers of such information, including computers, networks, file drawers, offices, papers, buildings, and offices. Do you think we here at Delhi do a […]

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IT Guy – a video

This video was altered by Patrick Masson and Clark Shah-Nelson for use in Pat’s CIT2007 presentation: “Let the Dogs Make Their Own Food: User Designers and Other Agile & Iterative Approaches in Technology Deployment, Use, and Management” Click To Play

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